Here’s Why the Stock Market Doesn’t Care About the Election


We’re just days far from one of the most awaited elections in history. And I hesitate millions of financiers are going to waste time and cash trying to “guess” who’ll win and how it will affect markets.

The truth is, smart investors will not squander a 2nd fretting about which celebration will win. In today’s essay, I’ll reveal to you why, and share some of my top stocks to own right now.

I could fill the next 5 pages with data points about how stocks performed under different presidents. I have even check out theories stating it’s finest to buy stocks on October 1 of the second year of a presidential term and sell on December 31 of the fourth year.

I’ve done all the uninteresting work for you. I have studied the data back as far as 1897, and one thing is crystal clear: There isn’t some golden, predictable pattern when it pertains to presidents and the stock market.

Stocks have SOARED when both Republicans and Democrats were in power. Stocks have TANKED when both Republicans and Democrats were in power.

The media does a fantastic task of highlighting the Grand Canyon-sized distinctions between both sides. You’ll hear how Biden desires to fund the Green New Offer, and Trump does not. Or that Trump wishes to beef up the military, while Biden wants to slash defense spending.

This is all simply noise. Overlook it, because it’s an interruption from what truly moves the needle for stocks.

The only thing that matters

Let’s go back to 2008 for a second. It was the financial crisis. Stocks remained in the middle of their worst year given that the Great Depression. It was also an election year that saw the White Home flip from Republican to Democrat as Obama swept to success. Obama was considered as the most socialist president because FDR and many clever folks anticipated his policies would crash markets.

Political pollster Cock Morris forecasted: “The stock market would go crazy if [Obama] was chosen.” Previous CNBC host Charlie Gasparino said: “It’s hard to see how a President Obama would be great for Wall Street. Stocks would tank.”

And 2 months ahead of the election, near half of the respondents in a Bloomberg study, said an Obama win would be bad for financial markets. In reality, my good friend who hated Obama’s policies sold every stock in his portfolio. And he didn’t touch stocks once again for many years. Big mistake.

On the other hand, investors who disregarded all this political theater got the ultimate victory. From the day Obama took the workplace up until election day 2016, the Nasdaq climbed 245%. The ’08 crisis was such a financially traumatic occasion that stocks might have quickly gone no place for many years. How could the marketplace rip higher when the world economy was on the brink?

You may remember the US government pumped $1 trillion of stimulus into the economy to keep the wheels turning. America’s reserve bank, the Federal Reserve, “developed” another $1.4 trillion, which was funneled into US banks.

At the time, this was absolutely extraordinary. The United States government had never ever thrown this amount of cash into the economy before. Many wise people were persuaded it would warp the monetary system and turn the US dollar into bathroom tissue.

Instead, that trillion-dollar wall of cash released the longest stock booming market of perpetuity. From early 2009 until March 2020, the Nasdaq handed financiers 498% profits:

That’s the performance of the “typical” stock. There are hundreds of disruptors that rose 1,000%+ in this period. In other words, in spite of a “socialist” taking the White House, the financial crisis, the housing bust, and a limp economy, stocks soared to all-time highs. And here’s the thing: 2008’s extraordinary easy cash policies are small potatoes compared to what’s taking place today.

Trump wishes to obtain and spend trillions. Biden wishes to borrow and spend trillions. Both political celebrations are set on doing whatever they can to spur the economy greater with limitless costs and financial rocket fuel. And no matter who wins this November, they’ll continue to spend and obtain cash at an unmatched rate. And that’s great news for the particular “disruptor stocks.”

Disruptor stocks are “politically insensitive”

Have you ever owned a “politically sensitive” stock? These are businesses that soar or crater based on who beings in the White House. For instance, do you remember when Obama signed laws limiting gun sales? Ends up he was the very best gun salesperson in America for six years running. Firearms company Sturm Ruger (RGR) rose 1,300% after Obama’s election:

When Trump won in 2016, he guaranteed to reconstruct the United States military. That lit a fire under the largest defense contractor, Boeing (Bachelor’s Degree):

In short, some companies live and pass away on election results. Purchasing these types of stocks is like turning a coin. Wouldn’t you rather own companies that carry out well no matter who’s president?

The world’s finest disruptors are absolutely invulnerable to elections and the economy. Take a look at how Amazon, Apple, and DNA mapper Illumina sped through the 2008 election and monetary crisis:

In 2016, Netflix, NVIDIA, and oral disruptor Align didn’t flinch at Trump’s election.

Here Are the Stocks I Advise Today

This election will not make an iota of difference for payment disruptors PayPal (PYPL), Mastercard (MC), and Visa (V).

Making use of “unclean” money is falling off a cliff today. Rather, folks are whipping out their Mastercards and Visa cards at the checkout. PayPal and it’s Venmo “app” continue to consume the lunch of stodgy old banks.

In just the past three months, Americans sent out $37 billion to one another, totally free, through Venmo. In fact, 60 million+ folks use Venmo to send out and get cash at least as soon as a month. That’s 60 million individuals who aren’t spending on bank wires anymore. Do you believe these interruptions will reverse depending on who wins on November 3? Not a possibility.

Computer system vision is also untouched by politics. Lots of disruptors are utilizing NVIDIA (NVDA)’s effective chips to teach computers to “see.” World-class scientists and engineers are creating groundbreaking disruptions like self-driving cars and superhuman physicians. Do you believe they’ll stop solving these challenging problems since the United States election? Not an opportunity.

Whether the Republicans or Democrats are in power, these creators will still alter the world. If you haven’t yet, considering including PYPL, MC, V, and NVDA in your portfolio today. They should thrive no matter who’s in the White House for the next 4 years.

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